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The City Is Here For You To Use

(With apologies to Adam.)

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The other day Dan asked: Who amongst us will write the Building as Contacts and Related Goodness blog post? It's worth remembering, I think, that he already has.

Embiggen-izing for Myl ... I mean, Busy People

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I made a small change. It's very simple.

I've updated Flickr For Busy People to allow users to view large photos from their contacts. Per the docs: You may regret embiggen-izing photos when one of your contacts posts 300 wedding pictures in one go but that's your business. If a contact has uploaded more than 20 photos in a given time slice (30 minutes, 4 hours, etc.) then embiggen-ing will be automatically disabled until there aren't quite so many photos to show at once.

The feature is off by default but can be enabled from the settings page.

(This is) Flickr Chatterbox

(This is) Flickr Chatterbox

I made a new thing. It's very simple.

It asks the Flickr API for photos belonging to your contacts that have been commented on in the the last 30 minutes.

I find it useful for (re) discovering photos from my contacts that have otherwise fallen through the cracks.

It's called Flickr Chatterbox. It could probably stand to have keyboard shortcuts...