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Saturday, March 06 2004


This is an RDF representation of * (ed.) the New York Times references in its articles. The format for this document is still a (slow) moving target and may change.

Go now, and build something interesting . I haven't decided how often I will update these files but I am thinking something like once a week.

The RDF -ness was only because it makes life that much easier for the monster wonks out there. Rest easy, these are not the rdf:Bags you are looking for. I don't share Bill's sentiment — in that every list of RDF thingies I've seen has ended up a horrible mess of incomprehensible jibberish — but he does have a point. And it makes for more people at the party.

The rest of you, if you find yourself caring about this sort of thing, can just hold your nose and s/rdf/my little pony/gm .

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Bob DuCharme : Linking Architecture and the U.S. House of Representatives

The comments in the DTD that the document references describe an interesting evolution of its linking architecture: there was an attempt, later abandoned, to keep it in line with XLink; I was tickled to see the phrase "architectural form" come up in one comment. Ultimately, they modeled the links around the relationships between their particular document types instead of trying to shoehorn these relationships into some wider linking standard, and then the XSLT stylesheet that prepares it for web delivery turns the links into a/@href links.

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