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I see a toilet plunger, a sunken garbage can and a pair of big-ass Magic 8-balls.

Okay, so none of those things were there when I went to look at the actual worksite for the Starship Foobar, last Friday. In fact there wasn't much in the center save for a mess of steel girders but it was enough to make me worry. On the other hand, the two shiny, drunken sailors clutching to the staid and stolid New England brownstone wannabes were surprisingly nice. Just imagine, though, how fantastic they could be if instead of hermetically sealed windows the architect and the university had opted for double-paned glass windows with dark wooden frames that actually opened! Look at the pictures and then imagine all the possible combinations of windows opening and closing multiplied by an equal number of possible reflections multiplied again by the light from the sun and the moon, not to mention the surrounding buildings, as they move across the sky. Shame, really. But seriously, what is up with the big glass balls? Some fucker's gonna hack a satellite one day and reflect the light of the sun through them and start frying M.I.T. weenies like they were ants. Maybe they can all run and hide in the oversized concrete warp-core drive that looks to be built to the left of the toilet plunger...

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