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Friday, July 25 2003

Excerpted : Is that a database in your pants?

Friday June 13 2003


The other day I finished importing five years of email into a database

so I could do full text searches on it.

Because I have a potty-mouth, I discovered that out of a possible 32,

000 messages fewer than 400 contain both the words "fuck" and "shit".

<snip />

Part of my struggle ... was trying to remember how to set the auto-increment

counter for a field in one of the database tables.

Would that I were able to find what I needed in the docs, but I knew

that the answer was buried somewhere in an old email message. So I


 $> findmail -date 2002 -term '(auto increment)'

...and, lo, there it was!

Some day, I'll make paintings about all this crap. You'll see...

This one's for Ed whose weblog is beginning to look more like an unindexed piece of email with each passing day.



# Use F:F:R:MMagic for finding images

#  doesn't always work (let when you 

#  deleted all those pending images who

#  didn't return image/* )

# Use F:F:Rule->directory() for breadcrumbs

# Use XML::Filter::TT for templates

#  templates => { image => "",

#                 index => "" };

# pass the following args:

#  %iptc_info

#  %exif_info

#  next / previous image

#  next / previous directory

#  id

#  scales

#  static (huh?)

#  ?

# How to eval PhotoRDF in EXIF comments?

# Fix railing slash on directories

# Use File::Rsync to reconcile old/new files

#  write to temp dir then call rsync --delete to remove

#  old or out of date files

#  this would allow 'directory' to be a

#  remote URI

This will be the famous templates for Karl release but don't hold your breath just yet...

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