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I like to think that this is like the CSS version

of this. I'm not sure why in the hell I'd want my chair to be Proustian, though. I don't even know what that's supposed to mean, but it makes me think croustillant which according to Le Robert & Collins translates as crusty, crisp or crunchy; not things that come to my mind when I play the association game with the word "chair". (My chair is a corn flake?) So I'm left instead to consider Post-Proustian Glamour which makes me want to poke my eyes out. Maybe that's what those two holes in the seat are supposed to represent. But seriously folks, it looks like cardboard furniture is starting to make a serious comeback and if the design weirdos are going to get in on it, we might get something more interesting than the corrugated macrame left over from the Bucky-ball 70's. I'm all for stuff like this, but for a couple reservations. The first is that it will suffer from the "paperless office" syndrome and its only lasting effect will be to increase the rate of global deforestation. The second are those paper bicycles in William Gibson's Virtual Light. It's not so much the paper as it is their apparent weightlessness. Everytime I hop a curb in the city, I am reminded of how happy I am that my bike weighs a lead ton and that I'm not going to get blown in to the car in the next lane when a delivery truck shoots past. But I digress...

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Meanwhile, in the "Micropayments for Drunks and Lushes" department... ←  → On Sunday afternoon, I saw a hummingbird the size of a bumble bee