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John Kricfalusi : "[The hippies] questioned everything that was good about progress and technology, and destroyed Western civilization,

as far as I'm concerned. Culture is dead, and has been since the mid-'60s, when the dirty hippies took over. And now corporate thought--you'd think corporations would be a purely American product of progress and capitalism, but they're not. Not any more. Now corporations are run by ex-hippies, people who go to retreats and beat drums in the woods and bury themselves up to their necks and have Indians piss on them. Can you believe all this crazy stuff? They've taken over everything! It's creative people, and scientists, philosophers and inventors that move the world. Those are the people that you need--everyone else is a follower. But they've stopped that. All those human endeavours that used to perpetuate themselves and drag the world along with them, they're all run by corporations now--which are run by ex-hippies. They stop creativity, they don't allow it to happen." Happy happy. Joy joy. \

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