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Movable Thoughts #10-11

10) As of this writing, Movable Type requires JavaScript. It doesn't say so in the requirements doc, but it does. Really. This is because there is no server-side form validation for the popup confirmation widgets when you do things like upload a file or rebuild your files. If you've disabled JavaScript and click the "Cancel" button, MT will happily chug along doing exactly the opposite of what you told it to do. I've sent in an instance-specific bug fix which I will try to make pluggable in time for the next release. 11) When a user logs out, their username is displayed in the navigation bar until they log out a second time (the logout option is also displayed). This is not so much a bug, since you still need to log in again in order to do anything, but just bad practice when it comes to privacy/security issues. I think I've figured out why this is happening but have not had a chance to do anything about it.

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