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CBC : "[Rob Anders] admitted that one of the reasons he refused to back the motion

[bestowing honourary Canadian citizenship on Nelson Mandela] is because the Liberals blocked his party's attempt to honour the 50th wedding anniversary of Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh. 'It's got to be quid pro quo here.' Anders said." In case you had any doubts about the CRAP party. These people are the lowest of the low. I might be able to respect them if I thought they actually believed in something, but all I see is a bunch of dumb, evil fatheads who are willing to say anything to play off of people's fears, envy, greed and selfishness to get elected and treat the government like a service industry. I am perfectly capable of being a base scumsucker, without the help of my politicians, thank you very much. see also : Pico Iyer on honourary Canadians.

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