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CBC : In America's Web

"To my mind, Canadian content is a story, a product that's produced here in Canada that's consumed potentially by Canadians but it's an exportable product that people around the world are interested in. The fact of the matter is we live north of the most successful cultural exporter on the planet and that's not going to change. And everything else about our economies is moving closer together...The argument that I have always had with people about this, do we have to put a moose, a beaver and some guy in a Mountie suit in the thing and then call it Canadian which in that case it's just a trapping." Well, not since the Mounties sold their licensing rights to Disney, anyway. The problem I have have with this kind of drivel is that culture is equal parts history and history is not just some catalogue of past content to add value and a tie-in to this week's spin-cycle. Unless, of course, you're the victor...

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