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Friday, December 17 1999

Lydia Lee : Something for nothing?

"As a persona and not a person, Olivia is not the least bit embarrassed about ordering samples of facial hair remover, say, or lingerie catalogues. She doesn't care if every marketer in the country knows how much money she makes and what she does for a living. I enter Olivia's name, e-mail address and other data for the AutoFill feature in my browser, Internet Explorer 4.5 for the Mac. AutoFill is the main reason I switched from Netscape to IE -- you just hit a button and AutoFill plugs your data into online forms, AKA requests for freebies." see also : Tom Watson : The Six Degrees of Free.

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Jacques Parizeau

"Voyez-vous ça qu'on puisse se présenter devant le Canada anglais en disant: si on veut garder le dollar canadien, c'est une décision qui nous revient, ou bien, peut-être, il y a une autre porte qui vient de s'ouvrir du côté du dollar américain. C'est quelque chose comme carte qu'on vient d'ajouter à notre jeu." I do not agree with <a href = "">Parizeau's current detractors</a>, but I still consider him an arrogant, mean-spirited, loose-tongued pig desperate to be King. He, alone, is the reason that many people who might have Yes in the last referendum voted No.

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