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Postcards of Italy

We went to Italy recently. These are some of the postcards I made and sent to people along the way.

Mister Big Balls is everywhere.

There really was a superyacht that came and parked itself in the same cove that our house overlooked. Eventually we learned it was the Maltese Falcon which you can rent at a starting rate of 460,000€ / week. We did not have binoculars so it was hard to see what was going on but the absence of any movement on deck suggested they weren't having much fun. Maybe they were just there to complete some nefarious plan like in a James Bond movie.

The computer vision stuff on my phone is a little obsessed with these drawings.

It seems to "think" or wants to "believe" that there's a whole other meaning in them.

For example... this.

Have you ever noticed the way the cobblestones in Rome look like they could be sculptures of large pieces of gnocchi? Coincidence?