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Estero Americano #2 (2022)

36 by 12 inches. Paper, chiyogami, fabric and oil on wood. Meanwhile, if anyone can tell me what language my phone thinks it's seeing here I'd be much obliged.

Update: As sometimes happens I wasn't quite finished with this one when I first posted this. These changes are not a study of or a reference to John Powers' white on white paper drawings but I always think of them when I do stuff like this so credit where credit is due.

John is a sculptor and thinks painters are from another planet so I don't know if he is aware of the generally accepted rule in painting which says you can layer oil on top of acrylic but not the other way around. I know that rule but went ahead and glued those little pieces of paper on with acrylic gel anyway. As such, I am resigned to the possibility that some amount of my future will be devoted to gluing them back on as they fall off over the years.