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Ocean Beach in Eight Panels (2021-2022)

Digital print, ink, gesso, chiyogami and katazome on fabric. 186 inches by 63 inches (approximately). Large version here.

The original drawing that this was derived from is about 11 inches by 3 inches. The same but different.

By now some people might have noticed that the offsets for the last panel are incorrect. Don't worry if you didn't notice because I didn't either until just before I took this picture.

That was discouraging. It was also good practice for making the same mistake twice in a row.

It's a bit hard to see here but after all that I still managed to get the measurements on a properly-offset last panel wrong.

Eventually it worked out. If the map=yes project was a love song to Dave McKean's Cages this one owes a debt to the work of Lynn Varley which is well known within her professional circles but deserves to be more widely celebrated.