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Artist McArtistface

Big Fabric Lily (2020-21)

Here is a thing I have been working on.

This is the first large textile work derived from a drawing since the the three-panel hanging of Mori Point last year. That piece was digitally printed which allowed each panel to be nine feet tall but, while unique in its own right, lacks the luster of hand-printed inks.

As with the digital prints this piece is derived from a vectorization of a drawing I made last year, meaning it is the same yet different.

The drawing itself is only 6 x 9 inches made with ink and pencil and gesso on paper. The fabric prints are 43 x 65 inches.

Shortly after I scanned the drawing I touched it with wet fingers. This happens more than I'd like to admit.

The prints were made with Anne Kirk.

Anne was kind and patient and a pleasure to work with as I negotiated a whole new matter battle of production.

There is an edition of five prints, signed and numbered, available for sale.

The prints are not signed Artist McArtistface. They are printed on a thin muslin so this was a test to see whether a signature on the hem would be visible when folded over. It remains a tempting alter-ego.