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Wish you were here

I made a series of San Francisco postcards this year, most of which were mailed to people as they were produced. They are as nuanced as any postcard is, which is to say they are on par with any other so-called hot take you might find in another medium. I'm not sure this is the story I want to remember but it is the story I told at the time.

It's been an interesting experience leaving San Francisco in 2012 just as the most recent boom times were starting up and returning in 2015 as they were in full swing. Shortly after coming back, I remember thinking that what the city seemed to be lacking was any kind of humility. Then I remembered that San Francisco has always been a boom-and-bust town and has never been humble during the good times.

Maybe that's true of all cities but it feels especially true here. I think most people, locals included, associate San Francisco with the city as it exists in between the flush times because its difficult in retrospect to look kindly on the behaviour that gold rush days give rise to.

I'm not sure that any of these observations have been helpful, or even useful, but I try to keep them in mind when I walk out in to it every day.