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We'll be right back after a short Internet meme!

5 Things You Do For Friends

I hate Interweb memes but I like Allspaw. You probably already knew that.

  1. The first thing I ever learned to cook were waffles. I got a waffle maker for Christmas, when I was eight years old.
  2. I threw away all my sketchbooks when I was seven years old. I still regret that decision.
  3. My earliest memory is of being held in my great aunt's arms eating ice cream, on the beach. After that there is an almost two-year blank until my fourth birthday when I got a paper cut from an old-skool computer punch-card. At the time, I could imagine no greater injustice than getting a paper cut on your fourth birthday.
  4. In grade two, I turned around for 10 minutes to talk to a friend during which time the only formal schooling in grammar I've ever been a part of was doled out. I'm still never sure who is on first.
  5. One day in 1989, I cooked 437 pieces of bacon before 9 AM.

Now you know.