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“SPARQL and Web 2.0”

Interesting, if pedantic, thread on the nuts and bolts issues of using SPARQL as the query interface for web applications.

Ports you should not block if you're offering Internet service to the public.

Corrections and suggestions welcome.

Web 2.0 is killing the Semantic Web!

“My New Project”

Paint all the meat I eat.

Mostly, it's just an excuse to abuse the plotter at work

RDF graph of a Flickr photo

Net::Flickr::Backup 2.0 looks like it will be ready to release shortly has been released following a fairly extensive re-write. Aside from some stupid programming errors and mistakes in the way the RDF was being generated, this release will see the functionality chunked in to three distinct packages.

  1. Net::Flickr::Backup will do everything it always has, only properly (one hopes.)
  2. Net::Flickr::RDF (aka RDF::Describes::Flickr) will generate, and format, all the triples to describe a photo. The graph, above, is a visualization of the output for this photo of the Flickr crew at the Apple Store event last August.
  3. Net::Flickr::API will act as a base class for talking to the Flickr API and handling basic sanity checks on anything sent back.

For kicks, I tried to view the graph as an SVG document in Mozilla 1.5 but the browser threw an exception complaining about the lack of namespaces sent back by the W3C's RDF validator.

Anyway, in the “Wouldn't it be fun” department it's interesting to imagine meshing the RDF for a photograph with some scrumjax-y bits to create and store co-depiction information tied to a Thunderbird extension to talk to your address book (I know, I don't even use the Thunderbird address book) via mbox_sha1sum properties.