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This is an RDF representation of * (ed.) the New York Times references in its articles. The format for this document is still a (slow) moving target and may change.

Go now, and build something interesting . I haven't decided how often I will update these files but I am thinking something like once a week.

The RDF -ness was only because it makes life that much easier for the monster wonks out there. Rest easy, these are not the rdf:Bags you are looking for. I don't share Bill's sentiment — in that every list of RDF thingies I've seen has ended up a horrible mess of incomprehensible jibberish — but he does have a point. And it makes for more people at the party.

The rest of you, if you find yourself caring about this sort of thing, can just hold your nose and s/rdf/my little pony/gm .

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