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Meta-data wonks might be interested to learn that sometime during the last year

— the New York Times added all kinds of interesting stuff to their web pages :
<meta  http-equiv="Content-Type" 
      content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
<meta  name="ROBOTS" content="NOARCHIVE">
<meta  name="DISPLAYDATE" content="February 7, 2004">
<meta  name="hdl" content="Bush Sets Panel on Intelligence Before
                  Iraq War">
<meta  name="byl" content="By DOUGLAS JEHL">
<meta  name="lp" content="President Bush gave the panel until March
                 2005, well after the November elections, 
                 to submit its conclusions.">
<meta  name="cre" content="The New York Times">
<meta  name="pdate" content="20040207">
<meta  name="ttl" content=""> 
<meta  name="virtloc" content="">
<meta  name="des" content="Espionage;Biological and Chemical
                  Warfare;Armament, Defense and 
                  Military Forces">
<meta  name="per" content="Bush, George W">
<meta  name="org" content="Central Intelligence Agency">
<meta  name="geo" content="Iraq">
<meta  name="ticker" content="">
<meta  name="dat" content="February 7, 2004">
<meta  name="tom" content="Sidebar">
<meta  name="cat" content="">
<meta  name="col" content="">
<meta  name="dsk" content="Washington">
<meta  name="articleid" content="1076063490539">

From this information, I was able to gleen that today's Times is about the following

  • people:  Bin Laden, Osama; Bloomberg, Michael R; Bridgewater, Dee Dee; Bruno, Joseph; Bush, George W; Bush, Laura; Cheney, Dick; Christie, William; Churchill, Winston Leonard Spencer; Clarett, Maurice; Clark, Wesley K; Dean, Howard; Dennehy, Patrick; Doleac, Michael; Frank, Lawrence; Frist, Bill; Gehry, Frank; Hamilton, Keith; Hermoso, Rafael; Hussein, Saddam; Johnson, Larry; Jones, Marion; Kerry, John F; Knight, Bobby; Lewis, Lennox; Moorer, Thomas H; Musharraf, Pervez; Parker, David; Podhoretz, Norman; Pozen, Robert C; Reid, Vernon; Roddick, Andy; Rumsfeld, Donald H; Schroder, Gerhard; Sharon, Ariel; Sharpton, Al; Snow, John W; Stevens, Scott; Tauzin, Billy; Tenet, George J; Wallace, Daniel; Weingarten, Randi; al-Sistani, Ali
  • organizations:  Axa SA; Bang Group; Baylor University; Belo Corporation; Big East Conference; Brooklyn Academy of Music; Bureau of Labor Statistics; Central Intelligence Agency; Cigna Corporation; Congress; Continental Arena; Democratic Party; Duke University; Equality Now; Federal Reserve System; Halliburton Company; Ivy League; Jones Apparel Group Incorporated; KaZaA; LM Ericsson Telephone Company; Les Arts Florissants; Library of Congress; National Aeronautics and Space Administration; National Broadcasting Co; National Football League; New Jersey Devils; New Jersey Nets; New York Giants; New York Knicks; New York Law Journal; North Atlantic Treaty Organization; Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries; PGA Tour Inc; Pechiney; Public Broadcasting Service; Republican Party; Senate; St John's University; Statistics Canada; Syracuse University; Texas Tech University; Trinity School; US Airways; United Nations; University of California; University of Virginia; Washington Wizards; World Boxing Council; Zagat Survey
  • places:  Afghanistan; Alabama; Albuquerque (NM); Bronx (NYC); Brooklyn (NYC); California; Connecticut; Florida; Germany; Great Britain; Haiti; Idaho; Iran; Iraq; Israel; Liberia; Libya; Malaysia; Manhattan (NYC); Massachusetts; Michigan; Moscow (Russia); New Jersey; New York City; New York State; Nigeria; Ohio; Pakistan; Saudi Arabia; South Dakota; Turkey; Washington (State); Westchester County (NY); Zimbabwe
  • ideas:  Accidents and Safety; Airlines and Airplanes; Animals; Anti-Semitism; Apparel; Armament, Defense and Military Forces; Art; Assassinations and Attempted Assassinations; Athletics and Sports; Atomic Weapons; Banks and Banking; Bars; Basketball; Belmont Stakes; Biological and Chemical Warfare; Biology and Biochemistry; Blacks; Bombs and Explosives; Books and Literature; Boxing; Bribery; Capital Punishment; Cellular Telephones; Children and Youth; Coaches and Managers; Colleges and Universities; Communism; Commuting; Company Reports; Computers and the Internet; Cooking and Cookbooks; Copyrights; Crime and Criminals; DVD (Digital Versatile Disk); Dancing; Davis Cup; Deaths (Obituaries); Decisions and Verdicts; Desserts; Discrimination; Documentary Films and Programs; Dogs; Drugs (Pharmaceuticals); Economic Conditions and Trends; Education and Schools; Elevators and Escalators; Embargoes and Economic Sanctions; Embezzlement; Environment; Espionage; Explosions; Finances; Fires and Firemen; Food; Frauds and Swindling; Gas (Fuel); Golf; Hazardous and Toxic Substances; Health Insurance; Hiring and Promotion; History; Hockey, Ice; Homosexuality; Horse Racing; Hubble Space Telescope; Immigration and Refugees; Indexers and Indexing; Indians, American; Interest Rates; International Relations; Jazz; Kentucky Derby; Kidnapping; Labor; Layoffs and Job Reductions; Legal Profession; Lobbying and Lobbyists; Lotteries; Mars (Planet); Medicare; Medicine and Health; Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures; Monuments and Memorials; Motion Pictures; Murders and Attempted Murders; Music; Nasdaq Composite Index; Navies; News and News Media; Nightclubs and Cabarets; Office Buildings; Oil (Petroleum) and Gasoline; Olympic Games; Opera; Police; Politics and Government; Population; Preakness Stakes; Presidential Elections (US); Private Schools; Prostitution; Public Opinion; Railroads; Recession and Depression; Reform and Reorganization; Rescues; Restaurants; Retail Stores and Trade; Running; Scholarships and Fellowships; Sex Crimes; Slavery; Social Security (US); Space Shuttle; Stadiums; States (US); Stocks and Bonds; Subways; Suits and Litigation; Tax Evasion; Taxation; Taxicabs and Taxicab Drivers; Teachers and School Employees; Television; Terrorism; Tuition; Unemployment; United States Armament and Defense; United States International Relations; United States Politics and Government; Veterans; Wages and Salaries; Water; Weather; Women; World Trade Center (NYC)

Mmmmmm...indexers and indexing.







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Perhaps there were “agent-provacateur PSTians” on the est-preview list ←  → I decided to write a tool to Google all the stuff the New York Times “thinks” about every day.