Subject: [google] I'm not sure I understand what you're after...
From: Aaron Straup Cope
To: Derek Powazek
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2003 13:29:32 -0500

...exactly. But in an MT setup, you could just use mod_rewrite and a
10-20 line Perl script :

 # Stick this in a .htaccess file at the root 
 # of your website. Obviously, the USER_AGENT
 # condition(s) would need to be adjusted
 # accordingly 

 RewriteEngine On 
 RewriteCond    %{REQUEST_URI} ^/yer/mt-comments.cgi 
 RewriteCond    %{USER_AGENT} GoogleBot 
 RewriteRule    *       - [forbidden]

 # Or alternately, if you want to let
 # Google archive the comments 

 RewriteRule    ^/yer/mt-comments?id=(\d+) \                 
                /mt-linkstripper.cgi?id=$1 [redirect]

I can't remember whether the comments are rendered as static files. 
If they are then could also set up a 'special' template that loads 
a plugin to do the same thing that the as-yet unwritten 
"mt-linkstripper.cgi" does. At which point, the RewriteRule just 
points to the new file (which makes your web server happier.)

see also: