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Tuesday, August 12 2003

Excerpted : I emptied my studio at 06H30 this morning

July 24, 2003


<snip />

Anyway, there are two things I'll remember about my studio :

On the far fall, as you walk in, the previous occupant had fixed a towel

rack to the wall. Over that, she glued mirrored glass which had been cut

into individual letters to spell the word : F U C K E R

On the near wall, as you walk in, there was an old and short filing

cabinet that had been left behind. I didn't use it at first; I just

moved it out of the way a lot. Finally, I did a Big Cleanup and put the

cabinet near a table where I could easily reach things like tape and

pencils and erasers.

The first time I opened the top drawer to put something in it I found

myself staring at a single fridge-poetry magnet that had wedged itself

into the corner where the drawer's bottom met its face. It said : LUST

Like I said, the rest of the year was really just one false start after



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