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Dan Brickley : Identifying things in FOAF

If two different RDF files (eg. FOAF documents) are talking about the same thing but don't use exactly the same URI when mentioning that thing, how are our poor stupid computers supposed to be able to understand? In the real world, we want to write RDF documents (eg. for FOAF) about things that we've not yet agreed on common identifiers for. This is one of the core problems we've had to address in FOAF.

I highlight this point not to be a nattering nabob of negativism but because it illustrates one of the problems I've encountered while investigating whether and how to make eatdrinkfeelgood RDF-friendly : if I say egg and you say eggs we are both talking about . I know that. You know that. Computers are too stupid to figure it out without a high degree of hand-holding.

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