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Tuesday, June 17 2003

Iain Bruce : Le Goat

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inkdroid : Politics::US

I want to be able to keep up to date with the goings on of my congressman, senators, and I want Perl to help me.


Between the Senate website, and Thomas and WWW::Mechanize this isn't so far fetched at all.

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What precisely drives this ever-faster flow of tripe about weblogs?

Subject: Re: Sam Ruby: Anatomy of a Well Formed Log EntryS

From: Aaron Straup Cope

To: Kellan

Date: 17 Jun 2003 08:41:53 -0400


> Just in care you were, you know, wondering what a weblog was :)


It frankly baffles me (actually what really baffles me is why they

removed the Emacs key-bindings from Evolution 1.4 but that's another


What precisely drives this ever-faster flow of tripe about weblogs being

"revolutionary"? I'm sorry but I just can't talk about weblogs the same

way I might about, say, the wheel or, more recently, electricity.

About the only comparison you can make between wheels and weblogs is

that there isn't much you can say about them, when you get down to the

brass tacks, and that is precisely what's so special about them.

Wheels are round and that's their killer-app, so to speak. We've gussied

them up with things inside them, we've gussied them up with things

around them; but nothing has changed their fundamental nature: they're

round and they travel well. End of story.

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