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Ed Hawco : "We like things small and plentiful, not large and monolithic."

As much as I agree with Ed's sentiment, he is just wrong. One has only to look at the Big O from the corner of Parc and Mont Royal, or Holy Joe's from the 40, to appreciate how truly gigati-fucking-normous they are. Granted there are no 80 foot iron Jesus' watching over the city, but we do have a giant cross on the mountain that not only lights up at night (and will reportedly turn purple when the Pope dies) but replaced the big wooden one that Buddy Wing-nut lugged up there all the way from Old Montreal in sixteen something-or-other. We've got plans on the books to flood a piece of land the size of France! No, for good (rarely) and bad (mostly) we love this stuff. Club Med World was, admittedly, a particularly bad go of it not because it was big but because it was so half-assed. Which made the shagging of the Loews all the more painful; I still remember walking past one night when it had been completely gutted and all that was left were the shadow stains of the mouldings and the chandelier on the back wall. Perhaps I am just bitter that the rumours of Club Med buying the Olympic Stadium and turning it in to a massive indoor resort never came to pass...

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