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Thursday, February 27 2003

Ariel Dorfman : Heaven help me,

Heaven help me, I am saying that if I had been given a chance years ago to spare the lives of so many of my dearest friends, given the chance to end my exile and alleviate the grief of millions of my fellow countrymen, I would have rejected it if the price we would have had to pay was clusters of bombs killing the innocent, if the price was years of foreign occupation, if the price was the loss of control over our own destiny. Heaven help me, I am saying that I care more about the future of this sad world than about the future of your unprotected children.

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Subject: Tell me, how long am I going to have to listen to Daniel Libeskind...

Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2003 18:48:56 -0500 (EST)

From: Aaron Straup Cope

To: ...

Subject: Tell me, how long am I going to have to listen to Daniel Libeskind...

...blather on and on like this?

Leaving the slurry wall exposed and the slice-o-light are pretty nice

ideas but a building whose height was determined based on the year that

the U.S. acheived independence?

The transmission tower from the WTC not just grafted on to the giant

healing crystal of an office building but "rising up like the arm on the

Statue of Liberty" ? What is this -- a 911 theme park?

The buildings are bad enough all by themselves. Do we really have to also

imbue them with all this pomp, circumstance and saccharine?

Oh the pain... make it stop!!!

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I'm not really sure what's going on here

but I think it has something to do with tea and weblogs and aggregators and, doubtless, some way for Amazon and eBay to notify you about stuff like this. via themes, dreams and crazy schemes

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