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Some clever egg thought to stitch together the stills from the webcam on the corner of Ste. Catherine and Peel

and create an MPEG movie of yesterday's rally. Just to give you some perspective on the numbers: If you prefer the low-end turnout of 100,000 people that is still one in ten people of the island's core center. If you are feeling enthusiastic and prefer to think there were 150,000 people that's one in twenty people out of the entire Montréal urban community. Meanwhile, it should be duly noted that some equally clever egg at City Hall decided that the bulk of the rally proceed down Ste. Catherine thus ensuring that a gazillion Montréalais pass through the Festival Montréal en Lumiere; it remains to be seen whether or not attendance numbers went up last night. Best placard of the day : Goldorak, ou es tu?

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