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Monday, January 20 2003

Meanwhile, David "I'm just waiting for my application for U.S. citizenship to be processed" Frum chastises Americans for not being Canadians.

You know, if Ben Brown can make poetry out of spam I think I will have to do something similar with all the politico-wonkishness, regardless of its bent, that the Idea of Weblog has unleashed, daily, on an unprepared and probably unwilling world. And just to clarify a couple things: 1) David Frum really has applied for citizenship in the Axis of Goo...I mean the U.S. so you can keep your accusations of pithy and smug Canadian-ness to yourselves. 2) People from the city formerly known as Toronto but now forever known as the city that calls in the army to plow the snow really shouldn't point their wintery fingers at anyone else when it comes to dumb-ass macho weather-porn posturing.

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