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The Internet Topic Exchange

This is the first public implementation of the Ridiculously Easy Group Forming concept. It's a central server to host TrackBack-powered channels. It's designed to let anyone effortlessly create a channel to archive pointers to information on a given topic.

Regardless of their actual intent, it sounds enough like this to warm my heart and I've already sent the developer a note about details for writing a Net::ITE Perl module. Meanwhile, speaking of categories, I accidentally lay waste to the entire Aaronland categorization system the other day which is why they've suddenly vanished. I have a backup so they'll be back when I finish rewriting the current codebase to use Class::DBI and start writing everything as static files again. Ultimately, the plan is to effectively blur the lines between data-store of my weblog(s), addressbook, email archive and if I'm ever brave enough to tackle recurring dates a calendar. The relationships are easy enough but the permissions stuff (do any RDBMS have row level grant permissions?) still has me scratching my head. So, I guess I'll just clean up what I've got now and slowly build on that with an eye towards the warm fuzziness.

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