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10 Things about Perl and PHP

  1. the php developer's cookbook is good
  2. php is not bad but it's a giant pain in the ass. think: "oh yeah right, php doesn't support multiple inheritance. what now..."
  3. php is a pain in the ass but it doesn't require launching a copy of the perl interpreter everytime you want to do something.
  4. php doesn't have to launch the perl interpreter but then it also can't do anything setuid (safe-mode might fix this but I don't think so; not the way something like cgiwrap does anyway)
  5. php is not as powerful as mod_perl but, if we're being honest about stuff here, isn't as flaky either.
  6. php doesn't have support for imagemagick
  7. php has this thing called the 'pear' which is supposed to be like the cpan but isn't. additionally, the pear has to be installed with mod_php at compile time; wtf knows.
  8. php does have a decent template system called 'Smarty'
  9. smarty, like all the other perl templating systems, has its own 'template' syntax which means if you want to use both you're limited to doing variable substitutions.
  10. occassionally I've thought about rolling up my sleeves and teaching 'Smarty' to handle Template::Toolkit style syntax (TT knows how to DWIM with HTML::Template templates) but quickly get discouraged by the volume of other things I have to do.

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