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Installing rsync on a Windows machine

My version of rsync+ssh is a very stock-standard rsync, with the cygwin1.dll (currently version 1.3.6-6), and a simplified version of ssh. It is version 1.2.26 (yeah, ok, old, but works well enough for this). The main difference is that you can put the whole thing in one directory, wherever you like (e.g. c:\rsync or c:\program files\rsync). And you specify your username and home directory with environment variables (e.g. SET USERNAME=bloggs), i.e. you don't need /etc/passwd. You also don't need /usr, /usr/bin etc.

rsync is not without its flaws but it is also not a wheel that needs to be reinvented. I did not realize that someone had gotten it to work under Win98 so I point this out for future reference as much as for anything else.

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