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Friday, October 04 2002

From the "My hands fucking hurt, now" department :

I found found one bug and finally noticed another that as soon as they are both worked out will prompt XML::Filter::YahooGroups to be sent off to the CPAN (with a different name.) Meanwhile, the Mirror Project grew themes for which I earned the title "golden god"; something I'm not sure I deserve but which still leaves me wondering: can I put that on my resume? I also thought about logging, wrote a quick and dirty PHP version of Log::Dispatch, started writing a SAX2 RSS -> hashref parser and even did a few things at work.


Petits Propos Culinaires

This is a journal of food studies and food history that has appeared three times a year for the past twenty-one years. It was founded by Alan Davidson, author of the Oxford Companion to Food, and has recently been passed from his hands into those of Prospect Books in Devon. Issues from number 64 will be published and edited from here. The journal is A5 format and normally contains 64 or 80 pages. There are articles, notes and queries from readers, and reviews of books published in the field.

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