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RDF Concepts and Abstract Data Model : "Noting that there is no single human opinion about the truth

of some statements, the graph may further contain commentary for human interpreters to indicate the realm of human interpretation that should be applied." And a computer program is supposed to be able to figure this out? It occurred to me, while I was making dinner, that Tim Berners-Lee (I know he's not alone on this one, but he is the trophy that all the RDF keeners trot out to justify the whole thing) is no doubt a smart guy. But does anyone remember that the web was originally conceived as a way for physicists to share their papers? If that's anything to go by, where the fuck is the sematic web going to get us?

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Damn, I want to be "wack old-skool" too! ←  → Subject: Glossaries - XPath, SAX and benchmarks