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Bowie J. Poag : MicroBlogger

"as the name implies, is a small, simple, flexible, reliable weblog engine written entirely in bash script. ... Just look at Captain Kirk up there... He decided he was going to use PHP4, MySQL, CGI, Perl, and JavaScript to make his "Captain's Log".....Poor guy, he tried to overdo it with PHP-Nuke, and all he got in return was angry and constipated! As the picture illustrates, you shouldn't have to strain to make a log. There really is no need for any other foo-foo gingerbread features like SQL servers and exotic Apache mods.. Its just freakin' HTML for petes sake. Its not supposed to be complicated. So, just look at that picture, and think back to all the time and hassle you spent learning a skill thats obsolete in 6 months. If all you want is a simple, full-featured weblog, you've come to the right place."

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Props to Elliotte Rusty Harold for outling the changes in XHTML 2.0 ←  → Jonathan Jones : "The world the bomb created is one where a certain image of catastrophe is universally shared