So, Amazon has a web-services interface. Aside from the fact that I don't like Amazon and only buy books from them as a last resort, I am going to leave it to someone else to write Net::Amazon. I simply can not see any compelling uses for the API that Amazon provides. Sure, some people have made some interesting hacks but nothing that gets past the gee-whiz stage. Now, I can search the Amazon database from an application, but the kinds of information it returns don't do anything to excite me. Apparently, I can also let people add stuff to a wedding registry -- which are like some kind of twisted institutional greed ritualized into normalcy, but that's an entirely other story -- using "web services" but closer inspection reveals that this just means HTML form. Go figure. The whole thing seems like a rushed, half-assed job where someone tried to combine a months worth of discussions in the "blogosphere" (SOAP vs. REST, XSLT services, am I hot or not style judging of opinion) into a single package. And the docs suck rocks.