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Saturday, May 11 2002

From the "Not ready for prime-time, but it works" department :

use XML::SAX::Writer;

use XML::Directory::SAX;

use XML::Filter::XML_Directory_2RSS;

my $writer = XML::SAX::Writer->new();

my $rss    = XML::Filter::XML_Directory_2RSS->new(Handler=>$writer);


my $directory = XML::Directory::SAX->new(Handler=>$rss,





XML::Filter::XML_Directory_2RSS inherits from XML::Filter::XML_Directory_Pruner so that it can pass along all the necessary information to a 2RSS::Items handler for populating the channel/items/rdf:Seq node (ah RDF, let me rdf:Bag the ways...) In the end, I may have to subclass XML::Directory::SAX itself and rename the package as a "Handler" so that I can also pass/enforce ordering, detail and depth configs. BTW, does anyone know whether the mod_threading <thr:children> element can contain <thr:children> of its own?


The random word of the day is : schwaked chair

A chair with uneven legs. When you sit in one, you rock from side to side
ex. "I really hate this schwaked chair!"

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The dictified word of the day is : somniferous

Somniferous \Som*nif"er*ous\, a. [L. somnifer; somnus sleep + ferre to bring.] Causing or inducing sleep; soporific; dormitive; as, a somniferous potion. --Walton. web1913
somniferous adj : sleep inducing [syn: {soporific}, {soporiferous}, {somnific}, {hypnogogic}, {hypnagogic}] wn

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