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Movable Crankypants : The Unbearbable Decentralization of Donuts

It's been a very long time since I've lifted the hood in Movable Type so I'm not quite sure where this would need to go. But, if you're running OS X, or NT, you can run Apache/MT off of localhost and modify the publish widget to execute the following system command : rsync -v -v -a -r -e -p -g --delete -e ssh $cfg->{mt_home} $cfg->{remote_login}:$cfg->{remote_path} While not exactly "upstreaming", the effect is the same and has the added advantage of not sending your password in cleartext. In fairness, this scenario breaks if you don't have a shell login. I thought that there were hooks for doing uploads via Net::(FTP|SCP) but apparently not. Okay, so instead of executing rsync, the next best thing would be modify the publish hooks to publish to a copy of MT running on the remote server via the XML-RPC interface. An interesting project for the stack. An off-shoot of that would be to set up an interface to automagically slurp any changes from the remote server when you log in from your home/private machine. Which would allow you to continue to update your weblog from the laundromat; you know, if you're into that kind of thing. Meanwhile, MT 2.1 has been released and supports the metaWeblog API. I will update accordingly. Here's me, digressing...

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