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DJ Murad : "[E]veryone, French and English, has told me the same anecdote.

They would be young, watching Bleu Nuit, which is in French, and they would have the remote control on the last channel so that when their parents would come in, they would quickly flash to Saturday Night Live, which is in English. Language doesn’t matter with porn and with comedy ... There are probably very few phrases in English or French—and this is also so Montreal—that are as widely recognized in this city as Bleu Nuit." Somewhere, in a library archive near you, is a copy of the Globe and Mail with an article, written by a friend, about Bleu Nuit which posits that one of the more recent phenomena that separates the two solitudes is that you can watch porn pretty much every night on TV.

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I see that local ISP CAM is broadcasting Radio Free CBC ←  → The dictified word of the day is : condign