on the Web (one machine readable copy and one print copy per page) for your personal, noncommercial use only." What's interesting about this is that the Times marks up the content of their webpages with handy-dandy <nyt_foobar> tags (yay for content management systems!) Which, now that I think about it, ultimately begs the question of why I've been using HTML::Parser and not a XSL stylesheet, all this time. Oh, the duh-ness -- it hurts! ...update : Oh my god, it's like I've become duh-ness given form : duh... Alas, maybe I'll post the code later today. Unfortunately bug fixes and such have made it on to my "step away from the computer" list, but it works... see also : Apache::SOAP::NYTimesParser.pm (this might be out of sync with the current formatting) and A bit of unsolicited advice to all those who are keen on billing for online content.