Aspersion \As*per"sion\, n. [L. aspersio, fr. aspergere: cf. F. aspersion.] 1. A sprinkling, as with water or dust, in a literal sense. Behold an immersion, not and aspersion. --Jer. Taylor. 2. The spreading of calumniations reports or charges which tarnish reputation, like the bespattering of a body with foul water; calumny. Every candid critic would be ashamed to cast wholesale aspersions on the entire body of professional teachers. --Grote. Who would by base aspersions blot thy virtue. --Dryden. web1913
aspersion n 1: a disparaging remark [syn: {slur}] 2: the act of defaming [syn: {calumny}, {slander}, {defamation}] 3: the act of sprinkling water in baptism (rare) [syn: {sprinkling}] wn