Which got me thinking about DocBook again; what it can already do and what it can't do in a weblog context...

workflow -> /article/@status

categories -> /article/articleinfo/subjectset/subject

# subjects even have a weight attribute. bonus!

issn -> /article/articleinfo/issn

via -> /article/ackno

footnotes -> /article/note
...DocBook has more ways to specify dates and authors than you'll ever care about. DocBook can head, deck and lead. DocBook has hooks up the wazoo for denoting formatting (lists, code entries, etc.) DocBook also has hooks for indexing specific words or passages which has got to be a good thing for the people trying to make life easier for Google. Problems with DocBook include : the lack of an ID attribute which make permalinks pretty hard; the inability to create nested relationships (for example, comments or footnotes each with permalinks; the lack of any sort of root level href element for a blog/article; can be time and CPU intensive to munge. Interesting... see also : W3C, Requirements for a Web Ontology