I've never really believed the Village went beyond 6th Avenue but whatever. Over dinner, the first night, I asked one of my hosts why he'd chosen New York City and he talked about it being the only Real City, with the possible exception of Chicago, in the U.S. Not Boston?, I asked. Boston is really nice, he replied, but it's just a big town. That comment came to mind during a momentary loss of clarity when I caught myself thinking : Huh, it seems like the city has mellowed since I was here last. Then I remembered that I was basically walking around Beacon Hill. Otherwise, there isn't too much to report. I spent most of my time working. Eventually, my hands started to hurt so I went and stood outside the apartment where my great-aunt lived for 30 years and where I learned to appreciate art and food and life in general. Afterwards, we walked down to the Prada store which should really be selling consumer electronics and where I already knew I wasn't allowed to take pictures. Dumb asses. Resistance is futile.