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Radio Crankypants #13-15

13) This would effectively turn RU into a desktop Blogger (only) application, complete with archives. 14) This is untested but... should import an entire Movable Type weblog in to Radio. 15) I was asked if I thought the MT hack, just mentioned, would work equally well for slurping a Blogger blog in the absence of a getAllPosts () method. The answer is :

No, it wouldn't. This is only a MT hack and it was a fluke involving auto-vivification of hash keys in Perl. The code was written to follow the spec.

The only way to get an entire Blogger blog using the API is fraught with danger; basically you have to get 20 recent posts (that's the upper limit), store them somewhere safe, delete them all from Blogger and start over again.

The process for importing into MT involves formatting the blog in a manner that lends itself to scraping and then you set your posts per page to something outrageous like 1000+

That said, the easiest way to import a Blogger blog into RU would be to format the templates as XML, set the page limit to <insert outrageous number> and rebuild your static files. Then you could slurp the file and parse it in Radio, saving everything to a table, like this :

local (server="")

local (path="/path/to/bigfile.xml")

xmlText = tcp.httpClient(server:server,path:path)

xmlBody = string.httpResultSplit(xmlText)


This approach is not only untested but will also require some additional processing on your part to finish populating the Radio CMS. That's the bad news. The good news is that your entire Blogger blog should now be a table in the object database and Radio/Frontier is rigged to the eyeballs for doing ODB stuff.

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