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The dictified word of the day is : fugacious

Fugacious \Fu*ga"cious\, a. [L. fugax, fugacis, from fugere: cf. F. fugace. See {Fugitive}.] 1. Flying, or disposed to fly; fleeing away; lasting but a short time; volatile. Much of its possessions is so hid, so fugacious, and of so uncertain purchase. --Jer. Taylor. 2. (Biol.) Fleeting; lasting but a short time; -- applied particularly to organs or parts which are short-lived as compared with the life of the individual. web1913
fugacious adj : enduring a very short time; "the ephemeral joys of childhood"; "a passing fancy"; "youth's transient beauty"; "love is transitory but at is eternal"; "fugacious blossoms" [syn: {ephemeral}, {passing}, {short-lived}, {transient}, {transitory}] wn

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