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Me : 0.1

The girl with a not so hidden agenda wondered aloud this morning :
[W]ho in the hell does the word of the day??? agitprop??? gah!
And while I confess to not being entirely sure what she's talking about it did remind me that I had written a whole whack of code for munging the data files at Since then, however, they've rejigged their back-end but with a little help from the mighty mighty HTML::Parser I was able to whip up a package that exports a single class method named random which returns a hash reference :

asc @ localhost in /home/asc/bin/perl/pseudodict

144 ->./parse-random

$VAR1 = {

          'example' => 'ex. My new job allows me to clock dollars.',

          'permalink' => '',

          'submitter' => 'Jerome Greco',

          'id' => '5911',

          'www' => '',

          'word' => 'clock dollars'


I fear that if 2001 was the year of writing code, 2002 is going to be the year of the pedant...

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