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N.Y. Times : Yes, It's Real: The Magic of Christmas in Montreal

I'm not even sure why I am giving this article the time of day. It contains almost every dumb-ass device used, commonly by Americans, to describe Montreal and Quebec. First of all, if you come to visit, I can assure you that you will not be deep in the France of Canada. You will be in Quebec. Yes, the province still shares strong ties with France but it's been 242 years since the Battle of the Plains of Abraham. And frankly, if you ask some people here they'll tell you that Quebec is doing a better job safe-guarding the French language than their counterparts across the pond who are seen to be embracing every single americanisme they can get their hands on. It's not an argument I've been able to whole-heartedly embrace, yet, but there you go. Secondly, Montreal is not an Anglophone's paradise. That's called courtesy and you would do well not to abuse it. This is Quebec and people speak French, here. Just grow up and deal with it. Thirdly, I'm happy for the author that she had service is as upbeat as the room but it was an exception. Why do Americans like for their dining experiences to follow the same rules that govern industrial manufacturing? You can pretty much be guaranteed to get good, but relaxed, service here. Don't worry; you'll learn to appreciate it in time. Fourth, Toqué! sucks. Le Passe-Partout doesn't. L'Expresse has gerkins. Finally, I have no idea what Tourtières are not French by way of France, but they have just as powerful a pull on Montreal. is supposed to mean. See point number one, I guess.

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