| source : web1913 | Redoubtable \Re*doubt"a*ble\ (-?*b'l), a. [F. redoutable, formerly also spelt redoubtable.] Formidable; dread; terrible to foes; as, a redoubtable hero; hence, valiant; -- often in contempt or burlesque. [Written also {redoutable}.] | source : wn | redoubtable adj 1: inspiring fear; "the formidable prospect of major surgery"; "a tougher and more redoubtable adversary than the heel-clicking, jackbooted fanatic"- G.H.Johnston; "something unnerving and prisonlike about high gray wall" [syn: {formidable}, {unnerving}] 2: having or worthy of pride; "redoubtable scholar of the Renaissance"; "born of a redoubtable family" [syn: {glorious}, {illustrious}, {respected}]