| source : web1913 | Yaffle \Yaf"fle\, n. [Probably imitative of its call or cry.] (Zo["o]l.) The European green woodpecker ({Picus, or Genius, viridis}). It is noted for its loud laughlike note. Called also {eccle}, {hewhole}, {highhoe}, {laughing bird}, {popinjay}, {rain bird}, {yaffil}, {yaffler}, {yaffingale}, {yappingale}, {yackel}, and {woodhack}. | source : web1913 | Popinjay \Pop"in*jay\, n. [OE. popingay, papejay, OF. papegai, papegaut; cf. Pr. papagai, Sp. & Pg. papagayo, It. pappagallo, LGr. ?, NGr. ?; in which the first syllables are perhaps imitative of the bird's chatter, and the last either fr. L. gallus cock, or the same word as E. jay, F. geai. Cf. {Papagay}.] 1. (Zo["o]l.) (a) The green woodpecker. (b) A parrot. The pye and popyngay speak they know not what. --Tyndale. 2. A target in the form of a parrot. [Scot.] 3. A trifling, chattering, fop or coxcomb. ``To be so pestered with a popinjay.'' --Shak. | source : wn | popinjay n 1: a vain and talkative person (chatters like a parrot) 2: archaic