in the aftermath of Tuesday's events, is a kind of capitulation that pretty much only makes things worse. Yesterday, we spent the afternoon at The Keg watching the Habs play an intersquad game to raise money for the American Red Cross. They were supposed to play a pre-season game against the Rangers that evening which, for obvious reasons, just wasn't going to happen. It was nice to get out. It was nice, albeit still a bit tense and despite my general aversion to crowds, to be with more than a handful of people. Later on, we drank and danced badly and ate roasted garlic. But, I am having trouble finding a balance between the need to keep on living and the need to give what happened, and all the tangents that surround it, their due reflection. Maybe that is just the lesson of history and one that people in North America, buffered by entire oceans and freakishly large geopolitical territories, have never had to face it until now.