I guess with two ways. First, we kill their women and children. Why? Well, these are future hosts of their memes. And, we must get their memes to understand that if we get attacked, we will make their other meme holders pay and pay big. ... They are killing my memes. Until they stop killing my memes, and start talking on the Internet with me, my memes will want to wack them, and wack them hard." Robert, you seem like a nice and, when you're not overly excited, thoughtful guy. But what you are advancing as an evaluation and a response to the attacks in the U.S. is simply insane. Notwithstanding the factual errors in your piece -- I will let others speak to the situations in post-war Germany and Russia after the Wall, not to mention America's role in South and Central America, Asia and Africa during the last half of the 20th century. But, it is well-documented that in post-war Japan the U.S. knowingly allowed members of the Imperial governement to return to power for the simple, pragmatic, reason that they were ardent anti-Communists. -- your might makes right and kill em' all attitude makes me wonder why you don't just throw in the towel. You might as well say "They've won" because you are advancing a way of dealing with, and treating, people that isn't all that different from those whom you decry. The only difference, apparently, is that America is the biggest kid on the block right now, and that somehow makes it okay. Come back from the dark side, Robert. Please.