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The dict-ified word of the day is languor

| source : web1913 | Languor \Lan"guor\, n. [OE. langour, OF. langour, F. langueur, L. languor. See Languish.] 1. A state of the body or mind which is caused by exhaustion of strength and characterized by a languid feeling; feebleness; lassitude; laxity. 2. Any enfeebling disease. [Obs.] Sick men with divers languors. --Wyclif (Luke iv. 40). 3. Listless indolence; dreaminess. Pope. `` German dreams, Italian languors.'' --The Century. Syn: Feebleness; weakness; faintness; weariness; dullness; heaviness; lassitude; listlessness. | source : wn | languor n 1: a relaxed comfortable feeling [syn: {dreaminess}] 2: a feeling of lack of interest or energy [syn: {lassitude}, {listlessness}] 3: an unusual lack of energy [syn: {lethargy}, {sluggishness}]

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